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Chile Grande - three burner forge

The new 3 burner Chile Grande is our longest, most powerful forge.
Built with production in mind, this forge features 8 inch wide by 5 inch high openings on both ends. Powered by 3 of our Diablo Burners, this forge's performance rivals others with 5 burners!

Forge Body Constructed of 16-gauge steel, the shell is strong,
lightweight and will not draw heat from the forge chamber.
Features heavy duty adjustable stock support.
  • Chamber Openings: 8"W x 5"H Front & Back
  • Interior Dimensions: 8"W x 5"H x 24"L
  • Weight: 111 lbs.
Forge Interior Fully lined with two inches of ceramic blanket. Forge floor is made of ceramic, providing superior strength and durablity. The forge interior is coated with ITC-100 refractory, which increases the forge's fuel efficiency up to 30%.

Diablo Burner1 Powerful and efficient, this burner is pre-tuned to develop a neutral flame leaving little oxygen for scaling.
Each burner has individual ball valves for maximum eficiency.
Operating pressure range from 3 - 15 PSI.

Connection KitAssembled and included with every forge:
12' LP hoses, Fisher 67CH-743 regulator, Gauge, Dual Tank manifold. All you need to supply are the propane tanks. 2

Set-up, operation & maintenance instructions with every forge.
All forges are cured, tested and 100% guaranteed.

Recommended Accessories

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1 Diablo Burners may be purchased separately
2 100lb tanks or larger recommended for optimal performance.