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Chile Forge Testimonials

  "We've been using the same Tabasco Chile forge in our workshop for over 5 years now, and it is the one tool
that we can always depend upon, its never served us wrong for the work we do, and its still holding up strong to this day!
With its unique design and durable build it works perfectly for everything from heavy duty ornamental iron work,
to simple bladesmithing, to complex pattern welded swordsmithing work which we do in our shop.

We worked on Marvel Comic's movie THOR and we're commissioned to make multiple copies of a very large hero sword,
all of them were forged straight out of our one trusty chile forge with ease." - David DelaGardelle, swordsmith - Cedarlore Forge
(formerly Mad Dwarf Workshop)

I've viewed many photos & videos of so called 'superior' burner flames. The video of your Superburner
shows the only proper flame I have seen exiting a for-sale atmospheric burner design so far.
Michael Porter (Author of Gas Burners for Forges, Furnaces, & Kilns)

I love my Chile Forge and use it when my wife is out of sight.
Tore Helliesen, Norway

I got the Tabasco forge Monday and had it running within 20 minutes. Well designed, well built and well packaged.
It was worth the wait! - Don Cadwell, California

I received my forge yesterday. I'd like to thank-you for how well it was packaged. Superior packing indeed. I order quite a few items online during the run of a year and I must say you folks have the best packing yet. Cheers. No damage or anything wrong. Well done. - Grant Haverstock, Nova Scotia, Canada

...Very impressed. The heat the Tabasco gives off is amazing! The forge is worth every penny. Thank You
Donald Griffin, New York

Having built four gas forges in the past, I have say the Cayenne beats them all hands down. It weighs less, uses less gas, has a larger opening big improvement and gets to a forging heat much faster than anything I have used in the past. I have been able to work as many as ten pieces at one time who said too many irons in the fire and the best part is I haven't burned up anything like I did in my coal or coke forges. Wonderful product! Jerry Achterberg, Texas

I received my Tabasco forge and and stand yesterday afternoon, set it up and fired it up this morning ... works great!
What a superior product compared to other forges I was considering purchasing. The forge is well built and the stand
is sturdy - glad I did not make my own stand- I forged a pair of of tongs in only a few minutes after igniting the forge.
I am very well pleased with my purchase and highly recommend Chile forge products. Joel Chandler - South Carolina

I used my Habanero forge to build my test knife for my American Bladesmith Society Journeyman's test last week.
The forge did a wonderful job. This is the forge I should have bought the first time. - Joe Travieso, Texas

I ran 140 forge welded pickets through the Cayenne in the last few days.
I am more than pleased, I am ecstatic!- Roger LaBrash, Arizona

I hate my Chile Forge! I am so damn tired and sore that I can hardly hold a beer can to my lips.
Before I had the Chile and I was using my coal forge I could take a little sit down, maybe sip a little beer in the afternoon.
I always had time between beating metal and waiting for things to heat up. Now that I have that infernal propane
contraption, as soon as I beat on a piece of metal and put it back in the forge another one is ready to beat upon. - David Smith, South Carolina

I love it. I did in 45 minutes what used to take me 3 hours in my coal forge. - Wayne Byrd, Texas

If a forge can be described as beautiful, your forge is beautiful!
It's more than I was anticipating. - Bob Earhart, Missouri

I wanted to let you know how satisfied I am with your forge. It really is amazing!
It came up to heat even faster than the ones I used at the ABS school. I was forging within 5 - 7 minutes.
The efficiency of it is amazing. My tank feels like it was barely used at all. I am beyond satisfied.
This is the nicest forge I have ever used and I am really proud that it's my own. -Warren Tandoc, Kansas

Thanks for all your help; you really do go the extra mile for your customers. - David Smith, South Carolina

This forge is a beast! - Joe Skupa, Iowa

I fired up the new forge tonight. Wow! That thing gets HOT in a hurry.
An absolute night and day difference over the (other) forge I was using.
I literally had it running in less than 5 minutes. Less than 10 min after starting it,
it was up to forging temp. Thanks for building me a great forge! -John Hagemann, Wisconsin

I got the Tabasco from you a few months ago.
It is great - love it! Thanks for a great product. - Jerry Bond, Mississippi

My homemade brick forge took over an hour to get hot enough to work in.
My Chile Forge gets hot enough to work in fifteen minutes - Ryan Cabrera, California

I have had my Habanero for almost two months and have to say it is a fantastic piece of work.
The construction is quite impressive, and it's obvious you didn't take any shortcuts with this forge.
No way I could have made something this good for the money, probably for any money. - Brian Harrington, Texas

Got it. Fired it up. Worked it all weekend. Love it.
It is exactly as advertised and discussed. The coating on the shelf works as I had hoped.
Thank you for the extra time you spent with me on the phone - Vern Wimmer, Oregon

It's nice to get a product that is as good as advertised.- Tony Mertens, Wisconsin

Tried out my new Tabasco forge this morning and it worked great. Fired up on the first click and I was forging some hooks in
five minutes. It works so well I wasn't getting any breaks waiting for things to heat up. Thanks for your help and patience
with my questions. - Har Fisher, Florida

I have had 6 other forges before. This is the first one that worked right! - Neville Throckmorton, California

Just finished a 15 inch Bowie for a customer in Vermont. It was a dream working with the forge I got from you.
-Stephen F Douglas Sr, New York