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Forge accessories

Replaceable Ceramic Shelves
If you have done forge-welding, we don't need to explain the corrosive nature of flux.
To those who are considering trying, a word of warning: Flux can ruin a forge floor in a single session.
It is nearly impossible to get off once it's in your forge and it will stick to everything it comes into contact with.
In order to protect your forge we recommend our replaceable ceramic shelves. Inspect the shelf after each use and replace before flux has eaten through the protective shelf.

Tabasco or Habanero Forge - Protective shelf Price - $54
Cayenne Forge - Protective shelf Price - $65

Additional Dual stock support
One stock support is included with every forge. We recommend a second support when working with longer pieces that needs to be supported from both sides of the forge - Price - $75

Custom forge stand
Treat yourself to the ultimate forge accessory.
Our forge stand are built to last, portable and custom
made to your own height. - Now Wheel Ready
Price - $529

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