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ITC-100 forge refractory coating

Invented by Feriz Delkic, founder of International Technical Ceramics, ITC-100 has been been used by the
ceramics industry for over 25 years. This versatile high temperature ceramic coating can be applied to a
variety of gas forge materials: ceramic fiber blanket, fiber board, refractory brick and castable refractories.
In the blacksmithing and bladesmithing world, those who have used ITC-100 in their forges swear by it's
value. Most forges cannot reach forge-welding heat without an application of ITC-100.
  1. Efficiency ITC-100 increases a forge's fuel efficiency 30 percent by reflecting 98 percent of the forge's infrared radiation.

  2. Safety ITC-100 protects against respirable silica. Refractory materials like Kaowool begin to break down at 1800 degrees F.
    releasing a form of respirable silica known as cristobalite. When applied to fiber blanket and cured, ITC-100 eliminates this problem.

    ITC-100 Price $59 plus shipping per pint - includes application brush