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What sets the new Diablo apart from all other forge burners?
Only the new Diablo Burner utilizes a multi-axis laser to cut precision square and beveled air slots. Conventional machining tools
simply can't duplicate what laser cutting can do. Square, beveled air slots are the key to efficient air and fuel mixing in the burner tube.

The Diablo Burner flame
Standard BTU burner charts apply equally to all burners. They do not provide a good basis for burner comparison. The amount of calories
in any given fuel remains the same so long as the fuel is completely consumed in a neutral flame.What sets the Diablo burner apart is that it burns fuel in a single primary wave front, with little or no secondary flame. A large secondary burner flame robs heat from the forge. The new Diablo burner is unequaled in its ability turn propane into heat.

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