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News about Chile Forge

  SuperBurners Steal Show at New Mexico Forge Demo
Las Cruces, New Mexico: Southwestern Blacksmith Association’s recent workshop evaluated forge burner performance
in side-by-side tests. Chile Forge’s half-inch SuperBurner out-performed all burners. Jose Gomez, demo organizer,
expressed amazement at how much better the SuperBurner performed, crediting its unique nozzle design.
“I couldn’t believe it when I had the SuperBurner running at 1/2 psi...They have ruined me for my old burners.
I can’t go back to them now!”

Habanero Forge Receives Glowing Review from Metal Artist Forum
The Metal Artist Forum, a comprehensive website that provides forums on all aspects of metalwork,
provided our most thorough review to date. Check it out:

American Bladesmith Society School Selects Habanero Forge
Texarkana, Arkansas: Texarkana College-Bill Moran School of Bladesmithing now boasts a new Habanero-dual burner forge.
Students now have the chance to find out firsthand why so many knifemakers love this forge. http://